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3D Imaging CT Scan

we use 3D Imaging FOR diagnosIS, treatment planing & post-treatment evaluations

Our practice utilizes the state-of-the-art CS 9600 (3D Cone Beam CT imaging) system. It features breakthrough innovations that enable us to scan our patients quickly, accurately and comfortably. The CS 9600 enables us to obtain the 2D and 3D images of facial hard and soft tissue structures, we need without sending patients to outside imaging centers.

Zarrabi CBCT image 5

What is the 3D Cone Beam CT used for?

This imaging system helps us properly position patients so that every scan captures exactly what we need, which can eliminate the need to rescan. If a follow-up scan becomes necessary in the future, the system remembers the positioning parameters from the first time, resulting in a shorter overall appointment.

The system captures images very quickly, allowing our patients to experience a fast, smooth scanning process. In addition, the system’s open design allows patients to either sit or stand during the scan, accommodating people of all sizes and physical abilities. Because they are more comfortable during the scanning process, patients are less likely to move and cause blurring, which can create the need to re-scan.

Is there Radiation Exposure?

We want to emphasize that we follow every precaution to minimize patient exposure to radiation whenever we obtain images for diagnosis and treatment. The CS 9600 system addresses this issue and strictly adheres to the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle. The system’s high-power generator allows us to acquire high-quality images at a lower dose to the patient than other imaging systems.

The system also allows us to target the exact area for exposure so that other tissues will not be unnecessarily irradiated—which is another way the system limits the patient’s radiation exposure.

How Does 3D Imaging Benefit My Treatment?

The CS 9600 features one of the highest 2D and 3D image resolutions available, which provides us with an unprecedented level of anatomical insight and enables us to diagnose more accurately. The sharp, highly detailed and contrasted images provide patients with a unique view of their anatomical structures and helps them see exactly what the physicians see. Patients can then feel more comfortable with their treatment decisions.

All these features and functions result in better information, safer scans and more informed diagnoses. We feel that this new imaging system helps us significantly enhance what matters to us most: Patient care.

Examples of 3D Imaging

Zarrabi CBCT image 1 1
Zarrabi CBCT image 3

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